From Basque feasts to sweet treats, dig into some of our favorite Nevada eats.

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Hungry for adventure? While Las Vegas has long been one of the culinary capitals of the entire planet, and Reno has cooked up a vibrant foodie-focused cuisine scene—both offering everything you could hope for and more—amazing eats abound all over the Silver State.

Obviously, a complete menu is far too long to list here. However, whether they’re gotta-get-it-here signature flavors or simply classics with a Nevada-style flair, there are certain dishes you and your (taste) buds deserve to know about before you order up your visit. Here’s a sample of some of our favorites.

Old-School Italian Eats

Like burgers, every state’s got Italian cuisine. But out here the vibe is just different. We don’t just mean at some of the highest-rated bistros in the country (although those are pretty great, too), but also at a few mention-worthy restaurants founded by immigrants way back when and still serving things up the way they’ve always done.

The midpoint between Reno and Sparks is home to Nevada’s oldest family-run restaurant, Casale’s Halfway Club. Since 1937 the very same family has been serving the very same recipes (using the very same wooden ravioli presses) that John Casale brought from Italy in the 1920s. If you don’t feel like family in this no-frills joint the moment you walk in, you certainly will after cheese-heavy lasagna, massive meatballs, and maybe a few of Clint’s stiff Picon Punches.

It’s hard to road trip the Burner Byway and not stop at Bruno’s Country Club in Gerlach, the de facto gathering place for the small town’s residents and visitors alike since 1952. Although Bruno passed away at age 94 in 2017, his fabled ravioli recipe lives on. Take it from us: if you venture out to the Black Rock Desert without popping into Bruno’s, you’re doing it wrong.

Although the Bootlegger Italian Bistro moved into more modern digs in 2001, the family who opened their Las Vegas restaurant in 1949 still whip up the famous old-country dishes that satisfied the cravings of the likes of Elvis, Liberace, Clark Gable, Howard Hughes, and decades-worth of locals and visitors since.

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